Aura Goggles

Aura Goggles

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Aura Goggles

The Aura Goggles are an upgraded, professional version of the Aura Glasses. The lenses can be unscrewed to be mounted in a custom way onto a camera to capture auras on an investigation. The goggles highlight the energy produced by human and animal life forms. It presents it as an electric blue color through the lenses. 

How do They Work?

The Aura Goggles block out nearly all of the color spectrum and allow only the UV light portion to pass through enabling the energy fields to be highlighted. The goggles have a fully enclosed frame to block out any external light bleed. The design of the lenses can allows them to be unscrewed, making them customizable for mounting on your camera for your paranormal investigation. This allows you to see the fields in a photo or on video!


  • Enclosed goggle frame
  • Adjustable head belt
  • Lenses that can be unscrewed
  • Lightweight PVC design
  • Easy to follow instructions

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