IR Strobe/Illuminator

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IR Strobe/Illuminator

The IR Strobe/Illuminator allows control over the IR light spectrum that it produces to get the most out of your paranormal investigation and capture possible spirit activity.

How Does it Work?

The IR Strobe can use between 1-3 channels of lights, depending on your preference of intensity. The lights can be set to flash from right to left and can also change speeds depending on your investigation needs. The IR Stobe/Illuminator also has a built-in mount for cameras and Tripods.

How to Use

The IR Strobe/Illuminator has the power button on the front. Slide it to the left to turn it on. To switch between Strobe Mode and Illumination Mode, the unit must be turned off first. Press and hold the mode button and then turn the unit on. You can increase and decrease the settings by pressing the increase and decrease buttons. Note that a yellow light will appear when the setting is as low or high as it can go. Pressing the mode button will also change the Illuminator to use 1, 2 or 3 light channels.


  • Illumination mode or strobe mode switch
  • Adjustable illumination intensity
  • Adjustable strobe Rate
  • Adjustable strobe pattern
  • Mount for cameras & tripods
  • 3 AAA batteries (not included)