Mel Meter 8704R ProNavigator with Laser Projector

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Mel Meter 8704R ProNavigator with Laser Projector

  • Adds 2 functions to the Mel 8704R - Standard Mel Meter. All the rest is the same.
  • Glow in Dark Control Buttons
  • Expansion Slot - allows you to upgrade to more Mel Meter functions that you might want later
  • Star pattern laser projector

The below standard Mel Meter functions are of course also included:

  • Digital read-out of exact EMF level in the range between 30Hz to 300Hz
  • EMF burst mode - where Temp is shut off and all power goes to EMF detection for as fast sampling of EMFs as a K2 meter
  • High and Low Hold Record Memory of the Digital Readouts of EMF and Temperature
  • Measures Ambient Temperature in F and C - that is the air temp - in either F or C
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Back light for easy read-out in the dark.
  • Uses one 9V battery - not included.
  • Has a back stand than fold out for easy viewing of the meter.
  • Comes with a nice carrying case
  • Red LED at front of meter works as a flash light that is night vision friendly

This limited edition product is no longer in production. Quantities are limited.

 As always it is up to the user to determine whether readings are showing intelligent patterns that can be suspected to be of paranormal nature. Always keep in mind that meters read the environment so there could always be a natural explanation to a reading. This has to always be ruled out before concluding that any readings are of paranormal nature.