Ghost Hunting Kit A

Ghost Hunting Kit A

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Ghost Hunting Kit A

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Ghost Hunting Kit A

Be ready for your investigation with all of the essentials an investigator needs! This kit includes all of the essential gear you will need so that you don’t miss a thing.  Includes the Authentic K2 EMF Meter, Para4ce SHADOW MASTER, P-SB7 Spirit Box Rev 05, Laser Pointer and a Weatherproof Equipment Hard Case.

What does it contain?

The Authentic K2 EMF Meter is the legendary meter seen on virtually every Paranormal TV show. Easy to use and to see activity in the dark since the lights are visible from afar! The K2 is fast samples the EMF very fast which makes it very responsive to suspected paranormal manipulation of the EMF field. It is good to have more than one K2 Meter since one can spread them out to patrol an area or use them for Q & A sessions where each meter represents a different meaning. The meter is super sturdy. Built to last a lifetime. Made in USA. Don’t be fooled by fake worthless Chinese counterfeits that usually sell for $20 or $30 something. You get what you pay for. When you ship from us you get a certified, Authentic K2 Meter (sticker on back).

P-SB7 T Spirit Box is the latest version of the most famous tool for EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) reception. The SB7 has given ample proof, making it a favorite on investigations around the world.

The Para4ce SHADOW MASTER detects subtle changes of levels of lights and will alert you with sound and light of such changes. This means that when a manifested spirit or shadow figure sweeps by this device will go off and alert you. The SHADOW MASTER will confirm what you thought you saw or what you did not see because it passed by so fast. Made in USA.

The Green Laser Grid Pen makes is easy to notice if an entity is on the move. Direct the grid pattern towards a wall and when something crosses its path, it will be revealed!

Weatherproof Hard Equipment Carrying Case. The hard case keeps the equipment organized and protected from impact, dust and water. You can custom fit the foam easily for the products you want to bring on the investigation. It will also give you an organized professional feel.

Note: This KIT used to come with a GHE by GA drawstring bag. We are currently out of them and have lowered the price of the KIT accordingly.

Battery Notes:

The K2 Meter uses a 9V battery and it's installed already.

The Para4ce SHADOW MASTER needs a 9V battery. It's not included.

The Green Laser Grid Pen uses AAA batteries. They are not included.

The Para4ce SHADOW MASTER: PLEASE NOTE! There are no screws and there are not supposed to be any screws for the Para4ce Shadow Master battery lid. The lid comes with a hole in case someone wants to add it - but there is absolutely no reason to screw it. It would just make it harder to change battery.


  • Authentic K2 EMF Meter (reg 64.90)
  • P-SB7T - REV05 (reg 84.90)
  • Para4ce Shadow Master (reg 99.90)
  • Green Laser Grid Pen (reg 19.90)
  • Weatherproof Equipment Hard Case (reg $29.90)
  • Total Retail Value $299.50 
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