Echo Vibe + Free 7-in-1 Utility Pen!

Echo Vibe + Free 7-in-1 Utility Pen!

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The Echo Vibe

The Echo Vibe was designed for paranormal investigations as both a sound and vibration detector in one device. The Echo Vibe will be able to alert you to the slightest sound or vibration during ghost hunting.

7-in-1 Utility Pen

The 7-in-1 utility pen is a fantastic tool to carry while hunting for spirits as it offers so many tools in a compact device. It is a black ink ball point pen but it also has a twist on LED flashlight, compass, stylus, both Phillips and flathead screwdriver and can even be used as a phone stand. Flashlight batteries included.

How does it work?

The Echo Vibe is made with a very sensitive microphone that can detect a whisper from 20 ft away. During your investigation, the Echo Vibe can be used in conjunction with a recorder to capture spirit EVPs. The vibration detector will also alert you to any vibrations that occur.


  • Compact Design
  • 4 Custom High intensity LED's
  • Ulta high microphone
  • Vibration Detection
  • 9 Volt operation for long lasting results
  • Advanced Circuit board design

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