Shadow Tracker

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Each Shadow Tracker is built to order; please allow up to four weeks for yours to be built and shipped.


The ShadowTracker, as seen on Season 3 of Paranormal Lockdown! The ShadowTracker can be used to track the direction in which anomalies are passing during a paranormal investigation. It can also be used during communication session to obtain intelligent responses from any present spirits.

How Does it Work?

The ShadowTracker has 8 LED lights that are triggered when shadows or any unseen presence passes by. There are 4 sensitivity levels and 8 modes that can be set, depending on your investigation location and/or personal preference. 

How to Use

The ShadowTracker should be placed in an area where there is known ghost activity. Turn on and set the levels that you prefer. You can use several ShadowTrackers at the same time to cover a larger area. Shadow Tracker runs on 4-AA rechargeable batteries (batteries and charger included) and lasts over 20 hours on a full charge.


  • AA Rechargeable Energizer Batteries 1.2v NiMH
  • 4 x AA Energizer Battery Charger
  • Re-Usable Foam Padded Storage Box Dimensions: 10”L x 5”W x 2”H