Ovilus 5b

Ovilus 5b

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Ovilus 5b

The Ovilus 5b is the newest Ovilus! It takes intelligent spirit communication to the next level by translating audible EVPs into writing. Having the EVP written out helps to understand EVPs that may have otherwise been misunderstood and gives more visual evidence during your paranormal investigation.

How Does it Work?

The Ovilus converts EVP readings into written words, similar to text messages on a phone, while also speaking these words. It has 4 different voices: male English, female English, male Spanish, female Spanish. The latest version, the Rev B, simplified from the first release. Some of the changes include increased speaker size and a single power switch for less confusion. The 5b no longer has wireless connectivity as this feature was rarely used and prevented a larger speaker.


  • Full Color Touch Screen
  • 8 Modes
  • Rechargeable internal battery (USB charging cable included)
  • Headphone jack (headphones/amplifier not included)
  • Integrated memory card that can be accessed on a PC via USB cable
  • Single Power Switch


Plastic Case Option Features:

  • Hard shell plastic
  • Water resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Custom cut foam to fit Ovilus

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