Portal "Blackout" Special Edition

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**Built to Order! Usually takes about 2 weeks to build

The Portal “Blackout”

The Portal “Blackout” is a special edition, custom built Portal device. It is painted black and has installed lights.

How Does It Work?

The Portal is a custom-built amplifier and enhancer for use with a Spirit or Ghost Box. It amplifies the radio signal for better volume and reduces noise created between radio signals while sweeping. This allows for more audible EVPs to come through during a paranormal investigation as many EVPs can be missed due to simply being too low to hear.

How to Use

Simply plug in your device into the unit with the included cable. It includes a 12 volt battery pack for optional portable use.

Custom Built Design

Because the Portal “Blackout” is custom built for each individual order, no two will look exactly the same but each will have the stated parts as described.


  • 12 volt battery pack for optional portable use
  • Installed Lights
  • Noise killer pedal