Raudive Geranium Diode Crystal Receiver EVP Microphone

Raudive Geranium Diode Crystal Receiver EVP Microphone

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Similar to the Tesla SR, this crystal radio set uses a 1N34A Crystal Diode, a large inductor, and an antenna in order to provide a conduit to the spirit world. Plugs directly into your voice recorder in place of a traditional microphone. Sensitive to RF fields. EVP researcher from the 60’ and 70’s, Konstantin Raudive, devised a method of improving the quality of EVP recordings. He experimented and learned that using a Germanium Diode circuit instead of a microphone significantly improved the quality of spirit voices coming through the recorder.

This Germanium Diode circuit is capable of picking up radio type waves and frequencies associated with modern communications technology in which spirits may use as a conduit to communicate. This device will not pick up your own voice or any noise contamination from the room. We highly recommend using this for paranormal investigations.

Simply plug in this device into your voice recorder and begin an EVP session. No batteries required.