Aura Shape Goggles

Aura Shape Goggles

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Aura Shape Goggles

The Aura Shape Goggles are an upgraded, professional version of the Aura Glasses. The Aura Goggles highlight the shape of the aura produced by human and animal life forms and presents it as an electric blue color through the lenses. Anyone can see auras naturally, but it can take a long time and effort to be able to do that. The Aura Goggles enable ANYONE to see auras instantly! As well as looking at the human aura, people use them for ghost hunting, reiki scanning and seeing auras in the environment, such as animals and trees.

How do They Work?

The Aura Goggles block out nearly all of the color spectrum and allow only the UV light portion to pass through enabling the energy fields to be highlighted. The Goggles have a fully enclosed frame to block out any external light bleed. The lenses can also be unscrewed, which is useful for mounting the goggles in a custom way onto a camera lens set up for paranormal investigating! This allows you to see the fields in a photo or on video!


  • Enclosed goggle frame
  • Adjustable head belt
  • Lenses that can be unscrewed
  • Lightweight PVC design
  • Easy to follow instructions

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