Portal Basic

Portal Basic

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Due to a shortage in parts necessary to build the HUFF-style portals, they are not currently being built. We do not know when (or if) they will be available again. Please see other available portal options.

The Basic Portal is made to order. Please allow 10-14 business days to build before your order ships.


Basic Portal - what is it?

It's an amplifier and enhancer to use with a Spirit or Ghost Box. This makes it possible to hear EVPs that may have gone unheard during your paranormal investigation.

How Does it Work?

It amplifies the radio signal for better volume, reduces noise created between radio signals while sweeping, and enhances the final signal. 

The copper coil on the portals is believed to be a conduit for the spirits to use as an antenna for communication. The Portal comes with a coiled copper "antenna" attached to the ground sleeves of each connector cable. It is believed that this coil can act as a conduit when held by the user during communication. The human body can act as an "antenna" as the spirits use the body to channel into The Portal via the copper coil.

Hot to Use

Just plug your device into the unit with the included cable. The basic portal has just the basic components in order to be an effective portal. Does not include battery pack, lights or other add ons.

Custom Built Design

Since this Portal is custom built for each individual order, no two will look exactly the same but each will have the stated parts as described.


  • Powerful 35 Watt ZT amplifier
  • Noise killer unit
  • All cables
  • Copper antenna coil

Add on a Battery Pack!

Add on either a 12 Volt Battery Pack or Rechargeable Power Bank. Simply plug either of them into the portal to use when you do not have access to electricity! See drop down to choose to add on a battery pack.

12V Battery Pack

  • No Wall Power Needed!
  • Uses 8 “AA” Batteries

Rechargeable Battery Bank

  • No Wall Power Needed!
  • Charge Lasts Several Hours