Chocolate Bourbon Cookies by Grey Ghost Bakery

Chocolate Bourbon Cookies by Grey Ghost Bakery

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Delicious cookies made with Chocolate Bourbon! These amazing cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery will raise your spirits and help you to dare to face any ghost! 

These cookies are seriously some of the most delicious we have ever tasted. They taste great by themselves, but we find them especially tasty as a topping on ice cream. They've been the rave of many food critics  magazines such as Food & Wine, and Gourmet

The cookies are baked according to an old secret family recipe of the baker. So add these cookies to your latest paranormal findings. It for sure will be the tastiest ghost you will ever catch! 

Note: We will do our best to package the cookies so that they do not break during transit to you. If they would arrive partially crumbled - keep in mind that they taste just as good crumbled - especially on top of ice cream! Best before date is 12/9/21.

Weight: 8 oz (225g)