Copy of Mel Meter 8704R ProNavigator - EMF & Temperature monitoring in F and C + more CLEARANCE

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The clearance Mel Meter 8704R Pronavigator is new and perfectly working. This clearance item is the old version of the Pronavigator allowing you to get it a phenomenal price. They works as new and has all of the exact same features but is simply a different color. They have been tested to work perfectly.

Mel Meter 8704R ProNavigator 

  • Specialty Item - Specialty Item - not always in stock. Can be a 1 or 2 week wait. 
  • Adds 2 functions to the Mel 8704R - Standard Mel Meter. All the rest is the same.
  • Glow in Dark Control Buttons
  • Expansion Slot - allows you to upgrade to more Mel Meter functions that you might want later

The below standard Mel Meter functions are of course also included:

  • Digital read-out of exact EMF level in the range between 30Hz to 300Hz
  • EMF burst mode - where Temp is shut off and all power goes to EMF detection for as fast sampling of EMFs as a K2 meter
  • High and Low Hold Record Memory of the Digital Readouts of EMF and Temperature
  • Measures Ambient Temperature in F and C - that is the air temp - in either F or C
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Back light for easy read-out in the dark.
  • Uses one 9V battery - not included.
  • Has a back stand than fold out for easy viewing of the meter.
  • Comes with a nice carrying case
  • Red LED at front of meter works as a flash light that is night vision friendly