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Made in U.S.A.

The EDI+ is a Multi-Meter created especially for Paranormal Research. 

It has the capacity to record data (insert SD card at top of meter - not provided with the meter). You can analyze the data with the free graphing software available to download from the internet.

The EDI+ measures EMF with digital readout. It also alerts of sudden increases with LED Lights and sound (sound comes on at about 3 mG).  LED lights indicate 5 different levels. It measures EMF all the way down into the Extra Low Frequency  (ELF) of 10 Hz. 

EDI+ measures the ambient temperature. You can choose digital readout in F or C. Sudden extreme changes sets of a light. 

EDI+ also measures Barometric Pressure and Humidity with digital readouts.

EDI+ also has a built in Vibration Alarm. It can be turned off. It shows vibration by setting off the bottom row of 5 led lights.