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EDI is an All-In-One Ghost Hunting Tool designed to give paranormal investigators precise data that can be recorded in a timeline. The EDI logs EMF, Ambient Temperature, Humidity and Pressure to make it easy to analyze data. This rugged and well-built piece of equipment is built in the USA!

How Does It Work?

The EDI+ is great for data, logging, marking and graphing. This new feature allows the EDI to record all of the environmental data and record them to an SD card that can be later viewed in a timeline graph or spreadsheet! It also allows for flagging of anything that you feel is important and needs to be reviewed later by marking a certain point during your investigation. The EDI measures EMF down to extremely low frequency. It indicates increases in EMF level by increasing intensity of the 2 blue lights. When a sudden spike in EMF occurs, the sound alarm goes off. EDI measures the ambient temperature (air) in Fahrenheit and the top lights light up when there is a sudden temperature change. EDI also has a built in vibration sensor display.


  • Measures EMF, Ambient Temperature, Humidity and Pressure
  • Logs and Graphs Data
  • Records Data Readouts to an SD Card
  • Vibration Sensor Display
  • Hard Shell, Protective Case w/ Rubber Boot
  • Made in U.S.A.