Full Spectrum Modified Still Camera Kodak - Really Good Pic Quality at a Low Price

Full Spectrum Modified Still Camera Kodak - Really Good Pic Quality at a Low Price

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Full Spectrum Kodak

Really Good Picture Quality at a Low Price! The Kodak full spectrum modified camera is modified for taking pictures in darkness with an IR or other light source. This camera captures light waves invisible to human eyes, which makes it a top choice for paranormal investigations

Sample pics shown under IR light in darkness and outdoors in daylight.

How Does It Work?

For best results we recommend to use this item together with a light source such as the Para4ce Spirit Light or the Phantom Full Spectrum FSX Illuminator. The camera is also able to take pics in daylight and low light conditions. SD Card (not included) is recommended. 


Modification does not allow for normal picture taking.


  • 4x Optical Zoom
  • 27mm wide angle; compatible with PC or Mac
  • 7” LCD Screen
  • 720p HD Video
  • 2 AA batteries (not included)

Full Spectrum Information

These Professional Cameras are converted for Paranormal Research, Forensics, Artistic and Astronomy applications. By photographing within the invisible light waves, we can capture that which we cannot see. A special glass for the retrofitting of the cameras is used in order to achieve the full spectral sensitivity of the CMOS sensor. The clear glass that is used is a precision, optically polished, special glass. This glass is mainly used to compensate the optical path of the removed original filter of the camera. Furthermore, it prevents dust from falling directly on the sensor, which may cause image defects. The glass has no filter effect. It is blocking neither infrared nor ultraviolet light. The transmission is typically higher than 99.7%.


Sample Pic 1 = Taken with Infrared Spirit Light in TOTAL DARKNESS

Sample Pic 2 = Taken with the Camera's Flash on in TOTAL DARKNESS

Sample Pic 3 = Outdoors daytime 

4x Optical Zoom, 27mm wide angle; compatible with PC or Mac, 2.7” LCD Screen,720p HD Video



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