Infrared Temperature Meter Clearance

Infrared Temperature Meter Clearance

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The clearance Infrared Temp Meter is perfectly working. This clearance item is the previous version allowing you to get it a phenomenal price. They work as new and has all of the exact same features but is simply a different color. 

Infrared Temp Meter

This Infrared Temp Meter measures changes in temperature. Sudden changes, especially drops, can indicate spirit activity during an investigation.

How Does it Work?

An infrared temp meter measures temperature from a distance, which comes in handy on a Paranormal Investigation. This meter features a laser pointer for accurate aim and a backlight to see readings in the dark.


  • Spot Ratio 12:1
  • Laser pointer to show exactly what is being measured
  • Backlit display
  • Can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius 
  • 9V battery (not included)
  • Not suited for human or medical use.

As always it is up to the user to determine whether readings are showing intelligent patterns that can be suspected to be of paranormal nature. Always keep in mind that meters read the environment so there could always be a natural explanation to a reading. This has to always be ruled out before concluding that any readings are of paranormal nature.