K2 EMF Meter

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The K2 meter is a top quality instrument for EMF level monitoring

Made in U.S.A.

Famous for its unique acclaimed ability to interact with unseen entities, a.k.a. ghosts

Built as a Safe Range meter for detection of potentially harmful Electromagnetic Fields

Rugged – keep it in your car – it can take the heat or cold and even some dampness – though not recommended

Sturdy – it can be dropped over and over and keeps on working.

Reliable – it works – you can count on it. Its readings are correct and precise.

Easy to use – just push the on button and the meter lights all its lights up once to show all lights are working well and then settles on the first green light lit which shows it is on. If this lights start to dim then it is time to change the 9V battery.

Easy to see in the dark. It has led lights that light up in different colors when there has been an increase in the EMF level. It is virtually impossible to miss a sudden increase in EMF level.

Quiet – The K2 meter is noiseless so it doesn’t annoy or disturb the investigation and recording of paranormal audio, a.k.a. EVP

Wide Frequency Range covered – The KII meter (K2) covers a huge bandwidth from the low to high EMF frequencies. This helps the meter be so successful since we don’t know the favorite communication frequency of ghosts.

Fast Sampling – the extremely fast readings of EMF levels the K2 is constantly doing makes the meter very responsive to manipulations of the EMF fields by potential intelligent entities lacking a physical body for this earth realm. This manipulations are transmitted by the K2 by sudden erratic rapid increases of EMF detected and indicated by more than just the first LED light being lit up.

Spirit Communication Sessions – are typically done by designating that one spike of the lights means for instance Yes and 2 sudden spikes rapidly close together means for instance No and that all the lights on the K2 being lit up means something else that one has instructed the so called ghost of.

Portable – fits in your hand and you can bring this lightweight meter anywhere in your pocket or purse

Economical – built to last a life time and good battery life

9V battery installed