P-SB7 SPIRIT BOX+ Faraday Bag

P-SB7 SPIRIT BOX+ Faraday Bag

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  • 2 x Upgrade to Mini Boombox

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P-SB7 SPIRIT BOX + Faraday Bag

The P-SB7 is a must have item for anyone interested in the paranormal. It is the most famous tool for instant spirit communications since it has been the favorite on numerous Paranormal TV-Shows. The P-SB7 has given ample proof that it can instantly transmit unexplained voices. These voices, referred to as EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena), typically express intelligence since they often call out things that identifies people present at the investigation or something that pertains to the investigation. Also, communications coming across typically co-relates to the known facts about that haunted site, such as specifics about the spirits there.

Faraday bags are often used in paranormal investigations to place the spirit box inside of. This allows for clearer communication with the spirit world.

How Does it Work?

The P-SB7 works by scanning the FM band and AM band along with a unique high frequency synthetic noise, a.k.a. white noise, where spirit voices seemingly are able to form words. Key is to focus hard and train the ear to distinguish messages formed in the white noise. To make room and allow power for the needed modifications, the internal speaker volume is not strong enough, so the external one provided (or any external speaker) must be used. A voice recorder or other recording device is important to use so one can review the EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena). There is free audio software on the internet that one can download to in detail analyze an EVP.

By placing the P-SB7 inside of the Faraday bag, the bag blocks all or a portion of strong radio interference.

How to Use

Prior to placing the SB7 inside of the Faraday, choose the settings on your Spirit Box. The sweep speed has 7 different speeds to choose from so you can experiment and choose the speed where one is personally most comfortable and successful at hearing EVPs. You can also sweep forward or backwards. Once you have chosen your settings, place the SB7 Spirit Box inside of the pouch of the Faraday Bag. Just like the Rev 03, this Rev 04: 1) has a Noise Cancellation Circuit added to the FM band for clearer transmission 2) no longer turns down the AM band, it can now be heard equally well as the FM band. 3) has a free external speaker provided.

How to Use the Speaker

Prior to using the PSB7, the speaker must be fully charged with the included USB cable. When opening the speaker package, the USB charger is located at the bottom of the package inside of the cardboard that holds the speaker upright.  Remove the cord and plug in the speaker. Once the speaker is fully charged, it must be inserted into the PSB7 and turned on. The “on” switch is located under the foam padding. A light will come on indicating that the speaker is now turned on.


  • Noise Cancellation Circuit in FM band for clearer transmission
  • free external speaker (see how to use the speaker above)
  • equal tuning of AM and FM band
  • 3 AAA batteries (included)

As always it is up to the user to determine whether readings are showing intelligent patterns that can be suspected to be of paranormal nature. Always keep in mind that meters read the environment so there could always be a natural explanation to a reading. This has to always be ruled out before concluding that any readings are of paranormal nature.