Paranologies Parascope Triboelectric Field Meter

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The Parascope by Paranologies is the original 8 channel triboelectric field meter and a very sought after meter. It measures the triboelectric charge (static), where certain materials become electrically charged when they come into contact with another material. The Parascope was created to pick up free floating static electricity. Its design detects triboelectric fields by lighting up the vertical LED tower to assist with paranormal investigations. This device picks up fields that cannot be seen with the eye such as hair standing up on end on the arm during a paranormal investigation. In order to set the Parascope off yourself, you would first have to be charged with static energy, such as rubbing your feet along the carpet. Therefore, if you cannot get it to go off yourself, this does not mean that it isn’t working it simply means that you are not carrying a static charge. It is best to place the meter several feet away in a haunted location while asking questions. The responses are amazing. The unit has a blue light stays on to help detect it in the dark. The Parascope is powered by 4 AA batteries and measures 2.5”W x 3.5”H.