Paranologies Temperscope

Paranologies Temperscope

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The TemperScope

The TemperScope shows changes in the ambient temperature by detecting these changes that we cannot see with our eyes. It works great to capture temperature change on camera that is caused by paranormal activity!

How Does It Work?

The Paranologies TemperScope has two ambient probes that compare difference in temperature. The sensor shows blue light to indicate cold and the red light to indicate hot, assisting to determine possible entities. The TemperScope automatically resets every 30 seconds and if temperature is constantly changing, it will auto-adjust to that change while displaying the hot and/or cold changes. The unit also has a white light to locate in the dark.

Built to Order

All Paranologies products are Built to Order here in the US. Because they are individually crafted for ghost hunting, there may be slight variations in productions. 


  • 2 ambient probes – blue for cold, red for hot
  • White light to help locate in the dark
  • 4AA Batteries (not included)

As always it is up to the researcher to determine whether captured evidence is suspect to be of paranormal nature. 

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