Paranologies Tri-cam (Triple Panoramic HD Recorder)

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The Paranologies Tri-Cam is a handheld panoramic recorder with 3 microphones and 3 HD camera's that record to an SD card (up to 32 gb not included). This camera does it all for paranormal investigations! It is easy to keep everyone in frame with the panoramic design to help eliminate false positives on an EVP as you get 180 degrees footage without the use of a wide angle lens. The recorder records separate audio channels that helps distinguish an EVP and determine which side it originated from. Tri-cam has a built in Paranologies IR Illuminator. 7" LCD screen so you can review on camera, 2 forward facing HD camera's with microphones and 1 camera facing the use with a microphone. 8 rechargeable batteries (included) that recharge in 15 mins with the high speed charger (included).