Paranologies Vocorder

Paranologies Vocorder

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Paranologies Vocorder

The Vocorder is a new model of digital recorder that was designed specifically for paranormal investigations. The Vocorder has 2 different kinds of digital recorders built in to one unit to capture as much EVP evidence from the spirit realm.

How Does it Work?

The Vocorder has two types of digital recorders and several different recording modes built inside of one unique device designed to capture EVPs from paranormal activity. One recorder records live EVPs and plays them back using the different modes. The second recorder can record an entire spirit communication session, up to 8 hours. Your questions and the EVP responses will be recorded. When you load them in the computer, you will be able to visually see the EVP peaks on the screen. There are 3 microphones all listening for EVP’s at different frequencies.

What are the Modes?

The Vocorder has different modes that can be set during your investigation. All of the modes are done through the first on-board recorder which has its own microphone that is tuned from infrasound to Ultrasound. Adjustable Voice Activated Recording – If the recorder hears a voice within the range of detection that you select, it will start recording immediately for 5 seconds and then play it back on the speaker. This system is so sensitive that even the faintest whisper will trigger activation, however, it is fully adjustable with a volume knob that can dial out the frequency of anything that is interfering such as running appliances. 18HZ to 25KZ Frequency Response – The Vocorder is programmed to hear and respond to low and high frequencies that are not audible by the human ear. When these frequencies trigger the recorder, the built in LED light on the top comes on. This means that it has started to record something unheard and unseen that was picked up. Loop – Loop mode will record for 5 seconds and the record back immediately to you on the speaker. This will continue until you switch the mode. During your investigation, this is good if you are doing other things such as checking energy readings and still have a free hand to listen to any live EVPs in a room.

How to Use

Watch the instructional video at the bottom of the page for full instructions on how to use the Vocorder. The Vocorder is not intended to be a handheld device because of how sensitive it is that it can even pick up breathing. It should be placed down on a table or other surface in an area of high activity.  If you dont have activity, you simply pick the Vocorder up and move it into another room until you get responses. The unit is so loud you can hear the responses from another room.


  • 2 external microphones
  • 1 internal microphone
  • 2 digital internal recorders
  • Loudspeaker
  • Amplifier
  • 1 USB Cable
  • Uses four AA batteries (not included)
  • Lifetime warranty

As always it is up to the researcher to determine whether captured evidence is suspect to be of paranormal nature. 

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Watch the instructional video below for further information.