Paranologies Poltercom Intelligent Instrument Transcommunication Spirit Box

Paranologies Poltercom Intelligent Instrument Transcommunication Spirit Box

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Built after Order and wait time is currently at least 6-8 Months. 

The below two features seen in the pictures are add on features:

The DigiTech Rear Processor = $150

The Rear Doors, which are of course only an add on option if one adds on the Digi Tech Rear Processor  = $49.99

The Poltercom 

As seen on The Ghost Finders! The Poltercom is a custom-made communication device, EVP, that produces amazing results during paranormal investigations. Choose from replicated bronze color or replicated copper color, a simple front echo processor or Digitech rear multi effects processor (see feature description below).

How Does It Work?

This spirit box does a motorized sweep through radio stations allowing the radio tuning to be controlled by sensors that monitor the environment. The motorized sweep speed can be fine tuned to your needs or can be even turned off so that one can manually sweep the dial. The Poltercom sweeps the stations back and forth, not just in the same direction. The built in speakers amplify EVPs to capture softer ones that might otherwise be missed, therefore increasing and clarifying communication to the spirit world!

Built to Order

All Paranologies products are Built to Order here in the US. Because they are individually crafted for ghost hunting, there may be slight variations in productions. 


  • Manual Sweep
  • Motorized Sweep
  • Adjustable Sweep rate
  • Volume with Simple Echo Processor
  • Extended antenna for better reception
  • 2 x Speakers, with Digital Amplifier
  • Output jack on upper right hand side with volume control for digital recorder (Digital recorder not included)
  • Reverb Control Knob (top left knob)
  • Led lighting system indicating sweep speed 
  • 8 AA batteries (not included)
  • High Current, rechargeable batteries are recommended
  • Lifetime warranty 

Digitech Multi Effects Processor Features:

  • 58 effects (12 amps, 9 cabinets, 37 stompboxes)
  • 200 presets (100 factory, 100 user)
  • 20 Tone Bank combinations
  • 20 FX Bank combinations
  • Built-in chromatic tuner
  • Up to 5 seconds of delay time
  • 24-bit 44.1kHz sample rate
  • When the effects processor is added as an option we also add internal speaker boxes to give more sound. 

Additional options:

Any of the following sensors can be integrated into the Poltercom to turn the dial based off the reading from the sensor: Parascope, Gyrascope, Temperscope, Paramid or Electrascope.  Incorporating these products into the Poltercom gives the ability to recieve “yes” or “no” answers on the sweep dial. Contact us if you wish to incorporate any of these products into your Poltercom. 

As always it is up to the researcher to determine whether captured evidence is suspect to be of paranormal nature. 

All images/video and designs are subject to change without notice. Features and specifications of the products may differ slightly from those shown and listed on this site. If you receive an item that differs from our site, it is an improvement to the product and the newest version available. We are constantly striving to improve our products by gathering data from our focus groups and our independent investigations.