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Due to a shortage in parts necessary to build the HUFF-style portals, they are not currently being built. We do not know when (or if) they will be available again. We recommend the Portal V5.


The Original Portal

This is the Original Portal design as created by Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal. It has unmatched sound quality increasing the amount of communication that can be heard.

How Does it Work?

The Original Portal amplifies and enhances EVP and spirit communication. Use with your spirit or ghost box to encourage spirit communication. The Original Portal uses a TC reverb pedal, ZT Lunchbox amplifier and noise killer unit to produce incredible sound and pick up EVPs that may otherwise be too low to be picked up. The copper coil on the portals is believed to be a conduit for the spirits to use as an antenna for communication. The Portal comes with a coiled copper "antenna" attached to the ground sleeves of each connector cable. It is believed that this coil can act as a conduit when held by the user during communication. The human body can act as an "antenna" as the spirits use the body to channel into The Portal via the copper coil.

How to Use

Simply plug the portal into your Spirit or Ghost Box. Then plug the portal into an electric outlet. Battery and rechargeable power pack available as an option, see drop down menu.

Custom Built Design

Because the Original Portal is custom built for each individual order, no two will look exactly the same but each will have the stated parts as described.


  • 35 Watt ZT Lunchbox amplifier
  • TC reverb pedal
  • Noise killer unit
  • Coiled Copper Antenna

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