REM PRO + Free GhoSt Augustine 7-in-1 Utility Pen

REM PRO + Free GhoSt Augustine 7-in-1 Utility Pen

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The REM PRO detects natural EM fields (DC - static that is) during your paranormal investigation. Lights light up one after the other the stronger the energy source is. You can switch on the musical mode to hear notes as the energy strength increases. The lights and the music seem to attract playful spirits such as child ghosts that enjoy playing and communicating through the REM PRO. It is a ghost hunting instrument that is creating great results in the field!

GhoSt Augustine 7-in-1 Utility Pen

The GhoSt Augustine 7-in-1 utility pen has many useful features. The Phillips and Flathead screwdriver works to unscrew battery compartments on ghost hunting gear such as a K2 meter, Trifield meter etc. The Flashlight to help changing batteries in the dark etc. The Compass can be used to detect anomalies since EM energy effects magnets. The phone stand can stand your phone up to record EVPs for ex.  It also has a stylus pen and a black ink ball pen.  

 REM-PRO Features:

  • 4 LED lights
  • Telescopic Antenna
  • Musical Mode
  • 9V alkaline brand name quality battery needed (does not come with one).
  • Weight 4 oz = 110 g
  •  Size: 4.5 inches Long x 3 inches Wide x 1.25 inches Thick