Shadow Pro V + FREE 7-in-1 Utility Pen

Shadow Pro V + FREE 7-in-1 Utility Pen

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The Shadow Pro V

The Shadow Pro V is a great ghost hunting tool! Unexplained shadows or shadow figures can move very fast. The Shadow Pro V makes sure no sudden shadows go undetected.

How Does It Work

During a paranormal investigation, shadow detection is used to pick up changes in light showing possible spirit activity. Because shadows can occur quickly, they are often difficult to see with the naked eye. Not only does it detect a shadow by its led light and buzzing sound, one can also tell from how long the alert stays on whether if the shadow moved very fast or just fast or medium fast.

How to Use

Switch on the Shadow Pro. Then adjust the shadow level knob to the current ambient light setting located below the alarm. Once you have completed these steps, place it in one of the main locations of your paranormal investigation. You are now all set to capture shadow activity.

GhoSt Augustine 7-in-1 Utility Pen

The GhoSt Augustine 7-in-1 utility pen has many useful features. The Phillips and Flathead screwdriver works to unscrew battery compartments on ghost hunting gear such as a K2 meter, Trifield meter etc. The Flashlight to help changing batteries in the dark etc. The Compass can be used to detect anomalies since EM energy effects magnets. The phone stand can stand your phone up to record EVPs for ex.  It also has a stylus pen and a black ink ball pen.  

Shadow Pro V Features:

  • Custom Case Design
  • Fast Response Rate (< 2000th of a second)
  • Low tone buzzer to announce anomaly
  •  9V alkaline quality name brand battery needed (does not come with one).
  •  weight 4 oz = 110 g
  •  size: 4.5 inches Long x 3 inches Wide x 1.25 inches Thick