White Noise EM

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White Nosie EM

The White Noise EM has been used on several paranormal TV shows, including Ghost Adventures in the St. James Hotel. It creates a multi-tone, complex sweeping electromagnetic white noise. You will not hear the white noise as the noise is created as an electromagnetic field. The purpose of the White Noise EM is to make EVP’s more audible during paranormal investigations.

How Does it Work?

The White Noise EM is based on the principles of wave propagation. It was created to boost EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) without interfering with the normal audio. Conventional methods of creating white noise commonly generate audible sweeping static. The White Noise EM differs by creating white noise as an electromagnetic signal rather than an audible signal, which is important as EVP is thought to be a non-auditory event and adding audible white noise is potentially masking the non-audible event.

How to Use

Turn the switch into the on position. There will not be a visible light when the White Noise EM is on. In order to listen to the white noise generated you will need an inductive microphone.   The EVP Mic could safely be placed within a few inches of the White Noise EM.

To Charge

Charge the White Noise EM with the provided USB to USB Mini cable (it is not compatible with a phone or tablet charger). The USB Mini side of the cable will plug into the bottom of the unit. While the unit is charging, the light on the front near the power switch will be RED. Charging is complete when the light turns either GREEN or BLUE (may vary unit to unit). During operation the light next to the ON/OFF switch will not be illuminated, only during charging. Charging may vary from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours. Run time on a fully charged unit ranges from 6-7 hours.


  • On/off switch
  • USB charger
  • Charging indicator light