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Para4ce PMB Paranormal Music Box

The PMB is creating remarkable results around the world. It is an amazing trigger object that also alerts when anything passes in front of it. High tech meets the classic vintage music box. 



Para4ce Polterscript

The Para4ce Polterscript is a phenomenal voice to text spirit communication tool, similar to the Ovilus. The Polterscript takes EVPs and puts them into visible and audible text so that nothing is missed!



Kinect SLS Camera

Kinect SLS Camera is ghost hunting with video at a new level. Works in absolute darkness (as well as full light). It detects spirit forms during investigations that can't be seen with the naked eye. The ultimate investigative tool!


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Featuring the PMB - as seen on travel channel's ghost adventures!

Zak And The Crew Put The PMB Into Action!

Watch our PMB - Paranormal Music Box - giving amazing results during a spirit communication session! Watch the clip of the PMB here on Ghost Adventures Season 17 Riverside Plane Graveyard Episode! 

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