December 2023 ParaPic Winners

We are happy to announce the December ParaPic contest winners!

Runner Up

Amy Dent is our runner up! Amy joined a Haunted St. Augustine walking paranormal investigation. During the investigation she snapped a photo of graves in one of the cemeteries. We have cropped the photo so you can see a shape like a figure crouching behind a grave marker.

This goes to show that even on quiet evenings,you never know what you might capture on camera! Congratulations Amy, and we hope you are enjoying your prize!


Kaitlyn is our grand prize winner! Kaitlyn and her group joined us for a Dead Walk, and took a photo of one of the windows of Casa Solana, a famously haunted building in St. Augustine.Look what she captured! We have enhanced the photo so you can see what looks like a face peering out of the window.

Congratulations Kaitlyn and enjoy your prize!

Want to join in on the fun and perhaps win a prize of your own? Join us on one of our experiences! Wether it’s exploring a haunted building or browsing the ancient city streets, there’s something for everyone! Check out all of our experiences here, and happy hunting!

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