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I work at the GHOST AUGUSTINE brick and mortar store in St. Augustine and I also lead the Para4e Investigation experience that we offer of a haunted house in St. Augustine. I have very strong psychic abilities and can see, hear and feel spirits. Occasionally, I get asked by paranormal enthusiasts how they can develop their 6th sense. Not everyone seem to be able to reach the highest levels. It seems like something one is born with. But you can improve your abilities and heightened psychic ability can be helpful during paranormal investigations. It can give you a hint to where you should place that piece of equipment – which room to focus first on etc.

I will in this text share with you some tips on how you can go about to train your psychic ability and how to a pendulum can be used as a very helpful tool.

One helpful thing to do is opening up your chakras. Chakras are energy centers in your body. There are 7 chakras and they vibrate at different frequencies, color and governs different specific functions. When your chakras are off, you can become more lethargic, less attentive, and even experience physical chronic pain. While it may seem like "junk science" to some, Reiki healers actually are beneficial. They can clear up muddy auras and realign the chakras.

Every one of us has an aura. A lot of psychic people can see them. They can also be captured with special cameras. The colors of your aura can tell us what you're feeling if you're in pain and where, if you are suffering from stress or even if your time here in the physical form is almost up. When you realign your chakras, you clear up your aura. This is important in working with spirits, because spirits need energy to manifest or communicate, and the easiest way to get energy is to use yours. So, the more aligned you are, the more energy you have to communicate and the less drained you will feel afterward.

One of the easiest ways to communicate with spirits is with a pendulum, but there are certain factors that come along with that. If you have a weak or muddied aura, it will affect if you get any results using a pendulum. If you have low energy it will be harder for the spirit to communicate that way. So let's do a simple and quick exercise to improve your chances with the other side.

You can google a chakra chart if you need a visual aid, but here's a quick explanation of all the colors and what they affect.

Red - this is your core or root color. It denotes the very base of your spinal column

Orange - this is called your sacrum area, the cradle of life, or in other words, the genital areas

Yellow - this area encompasses your lumbar region as well as your guts. This covers the area under your rib cage.

Green - otherwise knows as the heart chakra. This covers the area of your ribs and includes the lungs and your circulatory system.

Blue - this is your throat, or sometimes referred to as your thyroid chakra. this is the area from under your jaw to above your shoulders.

Indigo (deep blue) - this is your head chakra, This chakra controls your brain, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

Violet - known as the crown chakra. This refers to your 3rd eye or 6th sense. It can also be utilized to control your aura.

So now to the exercise. This isn't so much about meditation as it is about being able to visualize the changes. To be able to do this, you must understand and identify each of your chakras, their colors, and locations on your body. Sit comfortably and visualize your aura, which will be a white silhouette surrounding your body. Starting at your core chakra, image the area of your core chakra glowing and your aura changing to red. Now start traveling up your body to your next chakra, which is the sacrum. As that area starts to glow, change your aura color to orange. Repeat this as you continue upwards, changing your aura to green, yellow, blue and indigo.

When you change your aura for the last time, you will imagine a glowing violet orb sitting on top of your head, and it will change your entire aura to a shining purple glow. At that point, you will have attuned yourself to the same level that spirits operate on. When you have achieved that, communicating with spirits will be easier and the simplest way to get yes and no answers are with a pendulum. When you have tuned yourself onto their spectrum, it will be easier for them to use your energy to come through. A spirit using a pendulum, will either put their hand on yours to control the pendulum or hold onto the pendulum itself. This form is one of the most intimate contacts you will have with a spirit. 

As for the pendulum itself, you may have to experiment to find the right one for you. When first starting out, I always recommend using a pure quartz pendulum. As you get more proficient and are able to boost your aura, you can switch up to fancier pendulums, such as brass or other metal cage pendulums, or even lower energy stones, such as agate, citrine or amethyst.

After a time of doing both of the above exercises and using a pendulum, you will soon be able to interpret the energy around you. You should be able to glean if it the energy is male or female, adult or child and if the spirit is answering yes or now – even before your pendulum indicates the answer.

Best of luck and feel free to contact us at ghosthuntersequipment@gmail.com or through our facebook.com/ghostaug page with your feedback and/or questions.

All of us here at GhostHuntersEquipment by GHOST AUGUSTINE wish you a lot fun and success with developing your psychic abilities!

Happy Hauntings!


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