February Paranormal Contest! Click Below to See Some of the Best Entries!

We received a lot of amazing paranormal evidence during the Month of February! It was such a hard decision but we could only choose one winner. 

The winner of the month of February was Shane, Lead Investigator from Bear Valley Paranormal! He says about his photo below: " Here's some of our best evidence we've captured. The 2 pictures are the original and enhanced version of the full body apparition we caught in an old school turned community center. We did an investigation at an old restaurant, upstairs there was an entity that wanted to be known and show itself to the camera."


The below photo was taken and submitted from our Dead Walk tour! This was taken outside of a very haunted location, that was closed at the time of the tour. The guest tells us: "Third window down in the middle, you can see a pretty clear outline of what looks like a side profile of a man's face. We took pictures of the full door less than a minute later and you can't see anything. I thought maybe it was a reflection of a man walking behind us but wasn't captured on another friend's photo and it seems too clear to be someone walking by." 

Even Ghosts have to use the bathroom! Watch the Kinect SLS Camera capture what appears to be a ghost on the toilet! The investigator says "The whole night was weird like this".


The K2 Meter responds consistently then watch as the Para4ce PMB Poltertune is set off by an unexplained presence at about 1.05 mins. The investigator says: "I was investigating an attic where child spirits are said to be present. There was some shadowy movement that I couldn't explain and other things in this video. This was an active investigation at a reportedly haunted location. It was an overnight supposedly but we had to cut it short due to a winter storm."



Amazing video submission! So much activity captured! The investigator say: "Here’s my teams video from our investigation at the famous May-Stringer House in Brooksville. This is a very famous Haunted house. Travel Channel's show Kindred Spirits just aired a episode about this house the other night. The lady who runs this house for tours told me they are selective who they allow in this location. My team was honored to be allowed back in again for another private investigation."


Photo below submitted by Pete Ghrist, Director of Northwest Indiana Paranormal Research Society in Griffith, Indiana. "Photo taken by team member Kristi Sierra at the Roff Home in Watseka, Illinois. She was alone in the room and took a picture of the old camera, accidentally capturing the image in the window’s reflection of what appears to be a bald male seated on the couch."

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