Florida's Haunted Houses

Florida, known for its sunny beaches and vibrant nightlife, harbors secrets that go beyond its tourist attractions. The Sunshine State has plenty of haunted houses that stir the imagination and send shivers down your spine. Let’s explore just a few.

May-Stringer House

The May-Stringer House , located in Brooksville, has its share of spirits. Built in 1852, this 14-room house has seen its fair share of occupants, some of whom may have lingered beyond their lifetimes. The house was originally part of the Armed Occupation Act, where families were encouraged to settle in Florida, build homes, and farm the land. John L. May, the original owner, constructed the initial four rooms. Tragically, he passed away just three years later. His widow, Marena, remarried, and her new husband, Frank E. Saxon, had a child named Jessie. Jessie, who died at the tender age of 3, is believed to haunt the house. Paranormal investigators often focus on her room during investigations. Dr. Sheldon Stringer later expanded the house to its current 14 rooms, using it for his medical practice. The May-Stringer House stands as a testament to both history and the supernatural.

Clewiston Inn

While not as notorious as the May-Stringer House, the Clewiston Inn in Clewiston, Florida, has its own ghostly tales. Built in the 1930s, this historic inn has hosted celebrities, politicians, and travelers. Some guests claim to have encountered mysterious footsteps, flickering lights, and unexplained cold spots. The spirit of a former employee named “Flossie” is said to roam the halls, tidying up and ensuring guests’ comfort. Whether you’re enjoying a meal at the inn’s restaurant or spending the night, keep an eye out for Flossie’s friendly presence.

Herlong Mansion

The Herlong Mansion , nestled in Micanopy, offers a perfect blend of elegance and eeriness. This beautifully restored Victorian mansion serves as a bed and breakfast. Guests can relax on the veranda swing bed while soaking in the tranquil surroundings. However, some visitors have reported strange occurrences. Footsteps echo in empty hallways, doors open and close on their own, and the scent of cigar smoke lingers. The spirit of a former owner, Captain Herlong, is believed to watch over the property. If you’re seeking a charming getaway with a dash of paranormal intrigue, the Herlong Mansion awaits.

The Opera House

The Opera House in DeLand, Florida, has a rich history dating back to the late 1800s. Originally a theater and social hub, it now hosts events, weddings, and performances. However, some say that the spirits of past actors and patrons still linger. Visitors have reported hearing phantom applause, seeing shadowy figures, and feeling sudden temperature drops. The Opera House remains a cultural gem, both for its artistic offerings and its ghostly tales.

The Dixie House

The Dixie House is located in St. Augustine Florida- the most haunted city in the state. The Dixie House is also among the most haunted spots in the city- earning it the title of what some call “ The Most Haunted House in Florida ”. Built in the 1930s, this small cracker style home is host to several spirits. Visitors have seen shadow figures, experienced footsteps in the home and knocking on the walls, captured amazing EVP, and some have even been touched.

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