Haunted Florida: The Tampa Theatre

Tampa, Florida is located on the state’s beautiful Gulf Coast. Known for its warm weather, vibrant culture, active professional sports, and diverse communities, Tampa has something to offer for anyone. However, Tampa also has darker secrets to offer, including what some have claimed to be one of the most haunted spots in Florida- the elegant Tampa Theatre.

Built in 1926 in the Mediterranean Revival style popular of the time, the Tampa Theatre is the crown jewel of the city. Throughout its history, Tampa Theatre has served as a premier venue for both movies and live performances, hosting everything from vaudeville shows to world premieres… and also hauntings.

Several spirits and several spooky instances have made themselves known. One popular legend involves the ghost of Foster "Fink" Finley, a projectionist who died in the theater in the 1960s. According to the legend, Fink loved the theater so much that he never wanted to leave, and his spirit supposedly still lingers in the projection room, occasionally making his presence known to those who work there. Another famous ghost is the dapper, mysterious spirit who haunts seat 308. He is spotted in the audience wearing a fedora, and disappears upon being approached.

These are just a couple of the experiences and hauntings reported within the walls of Tampa Theatre. From unexplained footsteps to mysterious apparitions, each ghostly tale adds another layer to the phenomena that surrounds this historic venue.

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