Haunted Happenings

Written by: Ghost Augustine


Did you know that in addition to the best ghost hunting equipment, we also offer ghost tours and paranormal investigations in one of the most haunted cities in the country? It's true! We offer a variety of experiences. One of our most popular is our Para4ce Investigation, which is a two hour paranormal investigation of our haunted house in St. Augustine, Florida.

Spooky Happenings

Of course, our haunted house is not without spooky occurrences. Here we will showcase two recent unexplained events that took place. 

Making a (Haunted?) Entrance

In the following video, our guest is sitting near the desk away from the door. As our investigator is checking another room, the door do the room our guest was in opens by itself. Our team ran tests over the next few days in an attempt to recreate what you see in the video. They could not recreate what you saw in the video below.

Flashlight Fun

Our guests were attempting to communicate with some of the residents of the house. As one guest leaves the room, the remaining guest continues the contact attempt. A small then flashlight rolls off the desk. He attempts to debunk this, and it did not work.

Our team ran a variety of tests the next day to see if they could recreate the incident. They placed the flashlight in several places on the desk at different angles, and tried to shake the house to see if it would roll. The flashlight did not move. 

Join us on a haunted adventure!

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