Haunted House Happenings

Welcome to another edition of Haunted Happenings, where we cover mysterious occurrences at our haunted Dixie House.

Lately, one of our mounted cameras we use to monitor paranormal activity has been malfunctioning. The room the camera was mounted in serves as the main living area of the Dixie House. This specific room has seen more paranormal activity than usual lately- and some of our investigators suspect the camera may have been interfered with by spirits. This specific camera always seemed to act up when there was a lot of paranormal activity going on. The other cameras in the Dixie House have been operating correctly. While we have no explanation for the camera malfunction, it is known that sometimes spirit activity can interfere with electronics. Is our camera malfunctioning from spirits or is it a simple electrical error? We may never know.

Malfunctioning equipment is not the only thing that has been happening at the haunted Dixie House. Two of our support staff were cleaning the haunted Dixie House one afternoon when they heard a deliberate knocking on the outside wall near the ceiling, like someone would knock on a front door. They went outside to see what could have been knocking, only to find there was nothing near the house that could have caused it. The haunted house is raised, so reaching the top without a ladder and disappearing within minutes is impossible.

Later in the week, the same two staff were doing some work in the house with the back door open. They were in separate parts of the house working on their projects and did not have a clear line of sight to each other. They heard someone call out a greeting from outside- but each of them clearly heard the voice of the other. They went outside and checked around the house, and reviewed outdoor camera footage- there was no one outside at the time of the voice calling out.

Just another day at the haunted Dixie House! Join us for a paranormal investigation of the haunted Dixie House or join us for a ghost tour of some of the most haunted spots in the Ancient City! Visit us at www.ghostaugustine.com for your next adventure!

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