Written by: Amber Atteberry


Orbs- controversial and common

Orbs have been prominent in paranormal investigations since the beginnings of photography. Early pioneers of the field were among the first to capture these ethereal balls of light on film. They believed that orbs were manifestations of spirits or energy, marking the presence of the supernatural. They are one of the most common, and among the most controversial, of paranormal evidence. However, not all orbs are created equal. While many orbs can be explained by natural phenomena, some orbs simply cannot be explained so easily. Here, we will discuss how to separate naturally occurring orbs from possible paranormal activity.

Note Your Surroundings

If you want to gather your own evidence It’s important to take note of your surroundings and environment to rule out any possible natural occurrences. If your photo shows clusters or dozens of orbs, it’s likely going to be a reflection of moisture droplets, pollen, or dust motes in the air, reflected from the camera flash. Dust, pollen, and other orbs from a physical source often have a ragged edge as well. If the edges are smooth, you have either a reflected moisture droplet or, if you’re lucky, an orb.

Shape and Size

Take note of the shape and movement of orbs in your videos. Orbs in the spiritual world move gracefully and purposefully, with a smooth sweeping motion at a high speed. If your orb is moving erratically or has a shape that is not a sphere, it’s very likely a small insect. Remember that small insects can be attracted to light, so the lights on your camera and equipment may attract them.


Man-made sources can also create what could appear to be an orb. Digital sources can often leave small digital imperfections called “artifacts'' in photos. Be sure to examine your videos and photos thoroughly for any possible reflective surfaces as well. Reflective surfaces can create a lens flare- circular reflections of light within camera lenses. Take note of any vents or air conditioning units nearby- these can have small impacts on the air movement surrounding them, leading to any dust, pollen, insects, etc to move in the sweeping fashion that paranormal orbs could move.


While investigators have turned to specialized equipment like full-spectrum cameras and infrared photography to capture orbs more effectively, it’s important to gather evidence from several sources. Try using a variety of different equipment to pick up additional evidence such as EVP from spirit boxes, anomaly readings from EMF meters, and activity from REM Pods. Do not rely on photos or videos of orbs alone in your paranormal research.


Orbs in the paranormal realm remain a subject of intense debate and fascination. As we further paranormal research and ghost hunting, it's crucial to approach orbs with a balanced perspective, acknowledging both natural explanations and the possibility of genuine paranormal phenomena. Whether orbs are mere specks of dust or spiritual in nature, the debate of their presence in the field of paranormal research rages on, urging us to remain critical yet open-minded as we search for answers in the uncharted territories of the supernatural.

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