Our Haunted Home

Written by: Amber Atteberry


Won't you step inside?

Founded in 1565 and being so saturated in history and the paranormal, it comes as no surprise that St. Augustine is the most haunted city in the United States, and is a major hotspot for paranormal activity. 

Less than two miles from the heart of St. Augustine, a quiet little house rests peacefully away from the bustle of the main part of town. Like any other home, the house was the foundation for the average life- where people worked, lived, rested, shared joy, and mourned.  Backed by a century of human history and experiences, the modest little home looks much like the hundreds of other cracker style houses scattered throughout the county. Even locals don’t give it a second glance. The unassuming appearance of our house belies the abundance of spirits and ghostly occupants residing within. 

 Historical records show that the house changed hands every couple of years since it was built. No resident has stayed longer than a few years, and a few have stayed only for a few months. The house would also often have long stretches of vacancy. It’s unclear why residents never stayed long- although one cannot rule out paranormal activity as a cause. It is theorized that the grounds are also haunted -  not just the house itself. The grounds are said to have been the site of a shantytown, which is an encampment for the homeless. Shantytowns were rife with violence and occasionally murder. The shantytown would have had to be cleared out in order to build the house, so it’s not unthinkable that the spirits of the former shantytown could be sticking around their old haunts.

All our investigators, support staff, and many visitors have experienced paranormal activity within the little house. Orbs and energy ribbons are common experiences and sights, either zipping through the air, or coming up out of the ground before twisting in the air and returning to their original spot. Voices come through on our EVP equipment. Unseen entities pass between areas of the house, setting off in turn the various REM detectors set up in each room. The SLS camera detects the movements of home’s residents. Once, one of the support staff and an investigator were chatting in the living room, when they heard a crowd of people approaching the back porch, chatting merrily and stepping onto the porch. When they opened the door to greet the guests, there was no one around. Another time two investigators were working on some paperwork when they both heard a voice call out “Hi!” to them from the back door- both thought that the voice sounded like each other. They declined to answer the voice, which could have been a mimic. One of our investigators had a memorable moment when he was communicating with the spirits he saw moving on the SLS, and they were gathered around the Polterscript. He asked if they were trying to figure out how the Polterscript worked- and the word “yes” came through on the SB7T Spiritbox. Guests to our home often catch figures on the SLS standing beside them, sometimes with a hand resting on their shoulder.

We do of course have our regular spirits, who appear to us frequently. It's not uncommon to hear the voice of a little boy named Tommy happy to greet visitors. His favorite chair to sit in is in the main room of the little house, with his teddy bear and a few small toys on the seat so no one mistakenly sits on him! Tommy has been known to run throughout the living room, kick his feet on his chair, and even comes through on SB7s to communicate with us. Colleen is a shy woman that likes to hang out in the kitchen area. She’s rarely seen, but prefers the company of other women to the company of men. It’s possible she was harmed by a man in her living years, which would explain her general distrust of men. She likes flowers, so employees will sometimes bring her gifts of dried or silk flowers. Jack is a mischievous ladies man, who seems to spend most of his time in the room we call “the library”, or “Jack’s room”. He can sometimes be seen spotted in the office chair in his room, and he likes to interact with the women. And lately, a figure simply referred to as “the spider” will appear on the SLS camera- a figure with many legs, which sometimes crawls up the walls, and seems to appear in “The Wild West” room- a room named for its unusually high amounts of paranormal activity. 

Experience it yourself

If you’re curious and would like to visit our haunted house, we offer a full two hour complete paranormal investigation of our haunted home with a professional, experienced paranormal investigator to assist along the way. You’ll have access to all the tools of the trade and trained on how to use the equipment as well, including the SLS camera to see the figures, a Polterscript to convert spiritual energy to text, Spirit Boxes to hear EVPs, Portals to amplify the EVPs, Rem Pods to detect energies, and much more. Best of all, you have the option of taking home the footage from your investigation, available as an add on. Each investigation is limited to a small number of people, so there’s no worry about overcrowding. Private investigations are available as well.

We also offer a walking paranormal investigation of the most haunted corners of St. Augustine- The Haunted St. Augustine, the original paranormal investigation of St. Augustine founded by Harry Stafford. The Haunted St. Augustine is a genuine paranormal investigation, and your investigator will train you with use of equipment, exploring your instincts and senses, and how to approach genuine hauntings.

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