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In July we decided to take a little trip to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO.

During our stay, there was a lot of paranormal activity at our hotel room door. We stayed in The Lodge at the Stanley, which is also reported to be haunted. The Lodge was built the year after the main building and was built to house the guests that were single men. At the time, single men were not allowed to stay in the same building as families or single women and there was a strict 9pm curfew. There were a few instances when I was alone in the room, going through my suitcase to change clothes. I heard someone trying to come in the room by jiggling the handle of the door. I thought it was Jonas coming back to the room as he was downstairs on the porch each time it happened, except once when he was in the shower. When I looked and called out, no one was at the door or anywhere nearby and it was a pretty long hallway that no one could have just disappeared that fast. The one time Jonas was in the shower, I was changing to go out and I heard the same thing and thought housekeeping was there – which was also weird since it was pretty late, and housekeeping had already been to our room for the day. But again, no one in sight. The next day, when housekeeping was doing rounds early in the morning, I heard them very loudly knocking and yelling “housekeeping!”. This was their procedure on every single door and didn’t match anything I had heard. Then there was another incident early one morning about 7:30am. I was half awake when I heard a much louder sound at the door that jolted me up. It sounded, again, like someone trying to get in the room but different. Like the door itself being pushed in, but not by the handle – just pushed in forcefully and accompanied by a strange sound that I couldn’t place. I couldn’t go back to sleep after that. Several nights into our stay we went on the night tour of the hotel and learned that many guests hear the handle jiggling, as if someone is trying to come into their room. This is a common unexplainable occurrence reported. But then, we were told the story of the retriever. The owner had a Retriever that lived on the premises. Every morning, the dog would leave a newspaper outside of the door for each guest staying at the Lodge and then scratch at their door between the hours of 7-8am. Many people report hearing something scratching and pushing at their door waking them up between these hours. Then it dawned on me that this was the strange sound, it sounded exactly like my dog scratching at the bedroom door.  

During the night tour at the hotel we captured Para4ce IR Spirit Light what appeared to be a face peering through the glass door! This is not a reflection of any of the tour guests as they were facing the other direction and there seems to be no body attached. This room was the old billiard room that is blocked off to hotel guests. Could it be a curious spirit trying to figure out what we are doing in the room?

We were able to go to the 4th floor to try to capture activity. The 4th flor is where most paranormal activity is reported. For a while, this was the floor where the nannies stayed with the children and there are many reports of children running around the halls making noise when there is no one there. The 4th floor is also where Lord Dunraven is reported to roam. Here we had the Para4ce PMB – Paranormal Music Box and Poltertune reacting to something unseen passing in front of the beam. These devices do not react to cell phones or anything electrical. They only react when something seen or unseen breaks the beam going across to the sofa.

On the first day at the Stanley Hotel, we wanted to take a look around just to get a feel for the place and figure out where everything was. We decided to take a K2 Meter with us just for fun, but not really expecting anything since we were really just exploring. However, after we had one K2 spike we turned the phone on airplane mode and started recording the unexpected K2 Meter activity that began in what is known as the Vortex (the landing between the first and second floor of the hotel). It was very difficult to record during the day for extended time in many areas due to tours suddenly coming through or guests walking into the video but we were able to take a couple of segments of the K2 Meter activity.

This was taken shortly after the first video at the Stanley Hotel, as we were trying to dig out the key to enter the locked hallways of the 2nd floor. Shortly after other guests had walked past us and down the stairs, the K2 Meter started going off and the area in which we were standing in went cold.

Both times we went to the 4th floor of the Stanley Hotel we were drawn inexplicably to this hallway. We decided to try to see if we could communicate with anything by using the K2 Meter. While we were getting out our K2 and camera, I discovered that we were standing in front of room 407, one of the rooms well known to be haunted by Lord Dunraven, the previous landowner. The meter went off and then stopped, as if the entity did not want to communicate with us. When we decided to end communication and move on, we were drawn back by another K2 spike and a sudden interest in communicating with us.


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