Para4ce Academy Presents: Ghost Hunting 101- Introduction

Written by: Amber Atteberry


So, you want to go ghost hunting

Have you found yourself yearning to explore the paranormal and go ghost hunting like the pros? Do you want to look for ghosts and conduct your own paranormal research but not sure how to start? Have you ever wanted to go ghost hunting? Well, you have entered the right classroom!

Perhaps it’s the allure of the offbeat that draws you to such a hobby. Or maybe you want to look for solid evidence of the afterlife, or even want to apply known scientific knowledge to the unknown. In any case, welcome to the wonderful world of paranormal investigation and ghost hunting, and we will be your guides!

First, let’s explore the word “paranormal”. As the prefix “para” and the root “normal” suggests, “paranormal” covers everything outside the “normal”- events easily explained by our current body of scientific knowledge. Studies that fall under this category include cryptozoology, parapsychology, ufology, occultism, metaphysical subjects, and of course, ghost hunting! We at GhoSt Augustine specialize in the field of ghost hunting, also called paranormal investigations.

Ghost Hunting: A Human Tradition

While humans have always been romanced by the ideas of communicating from beyond the veil, modern paranormal investigation and ghost hunting began with the onset of the Spiritualism movements of the 19th century. Soon after, attempts to communicate with the dead became a popular pastime. However, It was during the American Civil War that spirit communications became extremely prominent, with family members hoping to communicate with their loved ones that passed on. Many of these early attempts at spirit communication involved tools such as dowsing rods, pendulums, and spirit boards. Luckily for us, the area of paranormal research has kept up with modern technological advances. Today we have a wide variety of different paranormal instruments to choose from.

Each lesson will introduce you to some of this equipment and how to use it, new terminology, and new techniques, with each lesson building on your previous lesson. Each lesson will also come with a kit recommendation to bring your ghost hunting journey to the next level.

Key principles of ghost hunting

However, for all lessons there are a few rules and tips to keep in mind. To help you remember these tips, be sure to remember to visit your friend BART. Bart is a simple acronym to help you remember the core principles of ghost hunting. 

Be Aware

You be sure that you are not trespassing and that you are exploring in a safe area. Be sure to research where you plan to explore beforehand, and always obey local laws. 

Avoid attachments

Firmly but respectfully ask spirits to not follow you once you leave the area you are exploring.

Respect the spirits

Remember, they once walked the same earth and lived under the same sky we do. Treat them with respect and dignity, as if you are in a guest’s home.

Trust your instincts

instincts are some of the most powerful tools we possess. Do not ignore them. Your sixth sense is the best guide you have.

Class is dismissed- we’ll see you for our next lesson!

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