Paranormal Encounters with Our Spinner Candle

We recently began carrying a collection of Spinner Candles – Cats, Owls, Orbs and Angels. For a long time, we thought that these beautiful spinner candles might be a way to attract and trigger paranormal activity. Although we ourselves had one sitting around, we had not gotten around to taking it out of the box. A kid stumbled upon it when we were setting up Halloween decorations and he thought it looked so cool that he immediately set it up. We lit it during dinner, it was beautiful and creepy at the same time, as it spun around and cast shadows on the wall. After that, we left it up sitting near the wall, at the far end of the kitchen bar counter.

One day, when I came home, Jonas said that the spinner candle had been spinning on its own. He tried debunking this by reenacting possible ways that this could have been spinning on its own by creating wind near it but nothing caused it to spin continuously as he had seen. We could not debunk it but at the same time still thought that it must have been some random wind coming through when he moved near it.

A little backstory – we have had quite a few unexplainable happenings in the house.  I witnessed a photo of my son spin around on the dining room table, it wasn’t out of the corner of my eye or anything like that, I was staring directly at it and it just spun around. We have also, after visiting a haunted location, experienced the TV tuning on randomly over and over, this situation happened several times a day for 2 weeks while we tried to find a logical explanation for it. It was not a timer, the only setting is a sleep timer to turn it off (not on) and that wasn’t even set. It would blast on in the middle of the day and the middle of the night at top volume. Oddly, it stopped after I burned sage through the house. The TV has not turned on by itself since then and that was over a year ago. We also have had a few pets pass away in the home and equipment that we set up in the house has always reacted specifically in areas that our deceased pets would always be.

Back to the candles, a couple of weeks went by and I walked down the stairs and the kids were on the other side of the room with wide eyes pointing at the candle. They both saw it spinning on its own while they were on the other side of the room. I tried to recreate anything that could have caused this again but nothing. When we lit the candle at night, it spun clockwise, like usual, with nothing out of the ordinary. The next time we used the candle was a sadder moment, to pray for someone that had passed away. This was the first time that we used the candle for this purpose. We took the candle upstairs and lit it. It spun very slowly compared to usual. I thought that we must have overused the candle and the wick was now too small to make it spin correctly. Through the course of praying, the candle slowed to a complete stop. It then began spinning slowly in the other direction. I began thinking, “If there is anyone here can you stop the candle from spinning again or make it go back in the other direction?” After a few moments it did. This went on through the course that we had the candle lit. It would even stop for quite sometime and then start spinning in either random direction, which has never happened before but I didn’t want to upset anyone by pointing this out at this exact moment. The other weird thing was that our cat was extremely freaked out by the candle, he would start to approach it, get halfway there, and then jump back and act very sketchy. The next day, when we lit the candle with the same wick as before, it spun around at a normal speed in the same clockwise circle it always has. It never stopped, never went the other direction. I decided to take it upstairs and place it in the exact same location as it was when it was acting crazy but it spun around perfectly in a clockwise direction with the same wick and everything. I tried to see if the spinner could have been off center but still nothing. The cat, who is always in that room, made its way to the candle again and went right up to it with no problem.

Has anyone else had the same experiences with their Spinner Candles? We would love to find out and hear your story. Send to In the meantime, we are keeping an eye on this candle to see what else it triggers. 

Nicole, Ghost Augustine

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  • I got your email yesterday about the spinner candles and had to laugh. I LOVED your spinners so much on the website that I told my husband I needed one for Christmas but couldn’t decide between the cats or the owls. Well, he got me both!!! The cats are in my room where I meditate, do some energy work, and this room just has an amazing energy of it’s own. The owls are in the kitchen for everyone to enjoy. I will occasionally put candles in them, but we enjoy them without the candles as well. Maybe last week I was watching the owls (with the candle) spin and would have sworn it was going in the opposite direction than it had been a couple of minutes earlier. I figured I was crazy and went about my business. The other day I was burning candles (including in the cat spinner) and was just relaxing after meditating and I realized that even though the candle was still burning, the cats were no longer spinning. I asked out loud “do you like the cats? why did you stop them from spinning?” they started to spin again slowly. Then they stopped, then they started again. Since then, my son and I both notice the cats will randomly start spinning and going at different speeds, and in either direction, even without a candle. We will make sure the cat or dogs aren’t in the room that they possibly moved it. We check that there is no breeze, the celling fan isn’t accidentally on, the radiators aren’t putting out heat at that time. Nothing. No way to debunk it. As my son pointed out, this is my energy room. I do meditate including ancestral mediations in here. Why wouldn’t spirits be here? Whatever the case, we LOVE our spinners and enjoy knowing that we have company that also enjoys them.

    Thank you for the great equipment you offer to us!

    Samantha F.

    Samatha F

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