Portal Showdown!

Written by: Amber Atteberry


Our Para4ce Investigations team decided to compare the Portal Micro, the Portal J, and the Para4ce Portal V5. They were tested at our haunted St. Augustine, FL house, which is open to book for investigations.

Get ready for the Portal Showdown!

First up, the Portal Micro!

Our team found The Micro extremely portable, due to its small size and easy carry handle on top. But don’t let size fool you! We were impressed by the sleek look and the powerful volume the Micro boasts. The Micro’s sound quality is not as rich as other Portals we’ve tried, but the sound did still come through clear and clean. The Micro has only a single input- only one spirit box at a time can be used on this portal. The Micro also runs on batteries only- this is great for portability but be sure to carry plenty of extra batteries with you! The copper coil acts as a conduit for the EVPs, and aside from lending to the aesthetic, seems to help assist in EVP communication. The lights from the dials and controls create a soft ambiance in a darkened room. This is a gorgeous little piece of equipment, and we recommend the Micro Portal for mobile investigations, such as cemeteries, haunted grounds or streets, or larger buildings such as hotels where you might want to always be on the move.

Our next challenger is The Portal J!

Now the Portal J is not as loud as the V5, but the sound is still crisp, clean, and clear, and a little richer in quality than the Micro. The J runs on batteries only, requiring a whopping 12 AAs to operate, so be sure to have extras handy! Like the Micro, the Portal J operates one spirit box at a time and has a coil on top that some feel is a helpful conduit for spirit communication. The Portal J does have a light on the front, and we recommend placing a small piece of tape or a sticker to dim the brightness. There is a handle on top, and the size and weight is comparable to the V5. The overall appearance is very clean, with a tidy appearance. We recommend the Portal J for investigators looking for a Portal that would be the workhorse for walking and stationary investigations.

The final challenger is the Para4ce Portal V5!

The V5 packs quite a punch in volume and is much louder than the Micro or J, without sacrificing sound quality. The V5 is a custom design, and each one built by hand - the V5 is not a modification of existing amplifiers on the market. The handsome handcrafted wooden casing gives a polished, highly professional appearance and it has a nice carrying case included. The V5 can run on either a rechargeable battery (optional add on) or wall outlet, giving this Portal the ultimate flexibility in portability. The Portal V5 can run two spirit boxes at once, allowing for even more opportunities for even more EVPs to come through. We found great success pairing an ANC Mini with a spirit box while using the Portal V5. All of the controls are front and center, so they are all easy to reach without turning the portal around. The Para4ce V5 one is the best option for a stationary investigation, and since you can hook up two spirit boxes at once as well as pair an ANC Mini, it's ideal for being the centerpiece of base operations for your investigation. Overall, our investigators preferred the Para4ce Portal V5 for channeling EVPs, due to the handsome appearance, sound quality, custom interface, and flexibility of using two spirit boxes at once.

Whichever Portal you choose, you are sure to get fantastic results. Share your investigation results with us at ghe@ghostaugustine.com!

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