Recommended practices for Electronic Voice Phenomena - EVP - research

Written by: Jonas Brihammar


1.      Be aware of your mindset: Do you believe it is possible that you will receive EVPs? Are you entering the session with confidence in your equipment, abilities, and approach? Do you have the belief that if someone wants to communicate, you will capture it? It’s ok to be objective and rule out non EVPs but it’s important to start an EVP session believing that communicating is actually fully possible. Because if you do not believe it will work, do you think entities really want to communicate with you? The right energy and mindset is therefore crucial.

2.      Take into account your personality: Are you aggressive, hateful, negative, frightened, or positive? How do you think energies will react to your personality? Always, be respectful, polite and humble. At the same time you want to be positive and encouraging.

3.      Connect your  Spirit Box/Ghost Box to a trusted audio recorder. For even more clearer EVPs – connect a Portal like the Para4ce Portal V5. If you want to review EVPs on the fly and be able to slow down EVPs to hear them better when you review them at the haunted location - consider investing in the APF-D Processor and rechargeable 9V batteries (it tends to use up a lot of 9V batteries).

4.      It’s a must to have researched the history and the hauntings of the site of your investigation. With that information, you can ask relevant questions that will hopefully trigger the spirits interest and make them want to respond.

5.      It is normal to be enthusiastic and wanting to ask a lot of questions, but be patient since it is important to be quiet for at least 15 seconds after each question that you ask. Otherwise any entity present will not have time to gather enough energy to be able to respond and then if a Yes or No comes through - you will not know to which question the reply was for.  for 15 seconds at least before you ask the next question.

6.      Keep your investigation as quiet as possible. Otherwise you will not be able to capture clear EVPs and you might miss hearing one.

7.    After the investigation, an audio software (Audacity is one example) can be used to clean up the EVPs.

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