Smells During Investigations

Written by: Ghost Augustine


In the mysterious world of ghost hunting, paranormal investigators find themselves immersed in the unknown, exploring haunted locations in search of evidence from the other side. While most investigations focus on capturing apparitions, EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena), or anomalous electromagnetic readings, another intriguing aspect that often perplexes investigators is the occurrence of unexplained smells.

The Ghostly Aromas

Ghost hunters sometimes report encountering inexplicable smells that seem to manifest out of thin air. These odors are often described as ranging from sweet and pleasant to foul and putrid, leaving investigators questioning the source of these ethereal fragrances. Theories abound, with some attributing the scents to residual energy, while others believe they are a form of communication from the spirit world.

Residual Energy or Intelligent Communication?

One school of thought suggests that unexplained smells during ghost hunts may be residual energy imprints left behind by traumatic events or emotions. This theory posits that certain scents may linger in a location due to the strong emotional imprints left by the living or the deceased. Alternatively, some investigators believe that spirits may use smells as a means of communication, choosing scents that hold significance to them or the living.

Common Scents

One of the most prevalent aromas is that of phantom flowers – an inexplicable fragrance of blossoms when there are no flowers present. Some investigators sometimes report the scent of antiseptic often lingers in abandoned hospitals or medical facilities, suggesting a potential link between residual energy and the traumatic events that may have occurred within those walls. Perhaps most unsettling is the recurring odor of decay, a foul and putrid smell encountered in various haunted locations. Yet other investigators can report cigar smoke, cooking smells, or perfumes.

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