Spirit Activity caught with the REM MASTER at a Haunted Park!

The land where Arch Creek Park in Miami now resides was once inhabited by the Tequesta Indians and later the Seminoles. A natural limestone bridge was once part of the Indian trail. Apparitions and other paranormal activity have been reported in park for decades. It is believed that when limestone and running water meet as they do in this park, it increases the type of energy conducive for paranormal occurrences. From native Americans, to deceased ground workers, to human ashes scattered in the park, there is plenty of activity occurring there. We decided to learn more about this park and take our equipment there for an initial tour to see what we could pick up.

While standing in a clearing, our K2 Meter started going off. A split second later the person next to us yelled “Ow!” and said his arm was burning. When I turned on my flashlight to look, he had been scratched by something unseen.

Shortly after, we were listening to a story about activity that has been reported in this exact spot, the Para4ce REM MASTER started to go off. We could not find a natural explanation to the REM MASTER being triggered.

Can you make the meter go all the way to red? This is always a great question when using an authentic K2 Meter. Depending on how strong their energy is, this will provoke some level of response. Watch our K2 Meter react when we ask this of the unseen presence.


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