The Estes Method

Written by: Amber Atteberry


The Estes Method is a technique in ghost hunting that uses sensory deprivation as a way to communicate with spirits. The basic idea is that one person wears noise canceling headphones connected to a Spirit Box while an investigator poses questions to the spirits. The person listening to the Spirit Box says out loud anything they hear coming through. The idea is that the responses heard from the spirit box are not influenced by the investigator's own subconscious.

If you’d like to attempt this popular paranormal research method on your own, you will need a little preparation and planning.

The Tools

  1. You’ll need a Spirit Box. An SB7T or an SB11 will work perfectly for this.

  1. Noise Canceling Headphones. You want a pair of headphones that will block out all external noise. Make sure there is a 3.5mm jack to connect to your Spirit Box.
  2. Blindfold. This optional, extra step will ensure optimal sensory deprivation, allowing the listener to fully focus on the EVP.

  3. Voice Recorder- always record your EVP sessions for review.
  4. Pen and paper to keep notes during the session.

The Steps

  1. Make sure that you are investigating in a quiet area. This will ensure that there are minimal external stimuli and distractions.

  1. Allow yourself time- the method can take longer than a typical EVP session. This is not a method to be rushed.

  2. Make sure that the listener’s mind is clear and at peace, to focus on the EVP without a cluttered mind.

  3. Settle the listener into a comfortable chair, and choose your settings on the Spirit Box.  Hook up the headphones, and have the listener put them on, along with the blindfold.

  4. Start the voice recorder, and proceed with the EVP session. The speaker will pose questions or other communications to the spirits. Write down anything the speaker poses to keep track

  5. In the meantime, the listener will relax and focus on the white noise coming from the Spirit Box. The listener will speak aloud any EVP they hear. In the meantime, the speaker will write down anything the listener says.

  6. After the session, compare these notes and record your findings.

We do hope that this has been informational. Are you ready to try the Estes Method on your own? Stock up on your supplies, and give it a try! Happy Hunting!

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