Ghost Hunting Kit

Ghost Hunting Kit

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Complete Ghost Hunting Kit

Everything you need for a great investigation plus a case to carry it all in. 

What does it contain?

Weatherproof Equipment Hard Case: Keeps your equipment organized and safe from damage by impact, dust and water when you head to the next investigation. Weatherproof, shock proof and as sturdy as it gets. 

SB11 Spirit Box: A big step up from the SB7. It's legendary for its great performance for the reception of EVPs. It has a very fast sweep rate of both the FM and AM band, which enhances EVP clarity, and has 2 audio outputs. Perfect to use with our Portal V5 by GHE. The SB11 also has built in ATDD.

Para4ce NEM Master: Alerts you with lights and sound when static electricity approaches. Made in USA.

Para4ce SHADOW MASTER: Detects subtle changes in light levels and alerts you with sound and light of such changes.  The SHADOW MASTER will confirm what you thought you saw out of the corner of your eye. Made in USA.

Authentic K2 EMF Meter: This is the legendary meter seen on every Paranormal TV show. Easy to use and to see activity in the dark. The K2 samples EMFs very fast, making it extra responsive to paranormal activity. The meter is super sturdy. Built to last a lifetime. Made in USA. 

Ghost Hunting Kit

  • Regular Price: $494.55
  • This kit deal:   $399.00
  • You save:         $ 95.55


Battery Note: The SB11, K2 Meter and the SHADOW MASTER and NEM MASTER each use a 9V battery. Only the K2 Meter comes with a battery and its installed already.

The Para4ce SHADOW MASTER and the NEM MASTER: Note! There are not supposed to be any screws for all of the battery lid. There is a hole in the lid in case someone wants to add a screw, but it's absolutely not needed and would just make it take longer to change battery. Some battery compartments come with a hole for a screw. However, screws are not needed at all for all of the equipment.

 Price of Each Item:

  • Para4ce NEM Master (reg 89.90)
  • Weatherproof Equipment Hard Case (reg $99.95)
  • SB11 SPIRIT BOX - REV05 (reg 139.90)
  • Para4ce Shadow Master (reg 99.90)
  • Authentic K2 EMF Meter (reg 64.90)
  • Total Retail Value: $514.45
  • You pay only $399.45 and save almost $100!

Caution: Don’t be fooled by fake worthless K2 counterfeits that usually sell for $20 or $30 something. You get what you pay for. When you ship from us you get a certified, Authentic K2 Meter (sticker on back).

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