K2 EMF and Mel Meter

Authentic K2 EMF Meter + Mel Meter 8704R

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Authentic K2 EMF Meter 

The Authentic K2 is the legendary ghost hunting meter. It's seen on Paranormal TV shows where it creates astonishing and reliable results. Due to its fast sampling, it is a great meter for finding erratic sudden EMF field spikes from spirit activity and can be used for home inspection of EMF levels as well. The Authentic K2 Meter is made in USA and we provide a 2 year warranty on any Authentic K2 Meter that you purchase from us!**

Mel Meter 8704R - the standard Mel Meter

The Mel Meter is designed for paranormal pesearch with functions such its red-light, night vision friendly, digital read-out screen and red LED flash light. Due to its very affordable price and high quality functions, this is the most demanded of the Mel Meters. 

How Does it Work?

The Authentic K2 Meter spikes erratically back and forth when paranormal activity is present, as opposed to the steady light that is present when the meter is close to modern technology such as a cell phone.

The Mel Meter features both exact digital EMF Meter read-outs and Digital Temperature readings. It is calibrated to measure Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) accurately in the range from the very low frequency of 30Hz up to 300Hz. It has a burst mode function where you can focus on EMF readings only instead of both EMF and Temp. The Mel Meter has a built in, digital Ambient Temperature meter that measures both Farenheit and Celcius. Both EMFs and Temp readings can be set to record High and Low read-outs so you can leave the meter and come back and see what the lowest temp or the highest level was. It also has a flip stand for ultimate convenience.

Authentic K2 Features:

  • Sleek design
  • LED lights
  • Portable and compact
  • 9V battery (installed)
  • 2 year warranty (on K2 meter only)

Mel Meter Features:

  • Digital read-out of exact EMF level in the range 30Hz to 300Hz
  • EMF burst mode 
  • High and Low Hold Record Memory of EMF and Temperature
  • Measures Ambient Temperature
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Back light for easy read-out in the dark
  • Uses one 9V battery - not included
  • Back stand that folds out
  • Red LED at front of meter works as a night vision friendly flash light 

**Note: 60 day warranty on K2 purchased for commercial use (ghost tours/sponsored paranormal events)

As always it is up to the user to determine whether readings are showing intelligent patterns that can be suspected to be of paranormal nature. Always keep in mind that meters read the environment so there could be a natural explanation to a reading. This has to be ruled out before concluding that readings are of paranormal nature.