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This great ghost hunting tool will alert you with lights and sound when its Responsive Electromagnetic field is manipulated by a presence.  Its compact build means it's easy to bring along – fits in your pocket or purse!

How Does it Work?

It will be set off by changes in the energy field surrounding it. The stronger the energy disturbance the it lights up and the more intense the tone alert gets. It is most sensitive around the antenna, but it will also react for changes around the body of the device.

It is easiest to use it in a stationary position, but it can also be used by carrying it in your hand. However, when doing so, you have to be careful to avoid false positives. It will go off when first picked up, but it will calibrate to the field disturbance from your hand and settle and go silent. If you keep your hand in the same position, then you will be able to walk around with it and you will not get any false readings, but if you move a finger or your hand position, then that will trigger the alerts to go off (a false positive).

 How to Use

Simply move the switch forward to the “on” position. The antenna can be extended and angled to individual preference.


  • 5 LED lights
  • Audible alarm
  • Telescopic antenna that extends and rotates 360 degrees
  • Easy to use
  • Power Source: Brand name alkaline 9V battery (not included)
  • Size: 5”L x 3”W x 1”H in inches (11cm L x 6.5cm W x 2cm H)
  • Weight: 3.6 oz (102 g)

The difference between a REM MASTER and more expensive REM devices

If you're looking for a very portable and not too pricey REM device then the REM MASTER is the best solution for you. There are other great REM devices that we sell as well - that are more powerful and have other functions for ghost hunting as well. 

The REM Master has the same electronic circuit board fundamentals as the most famous and rightfully higher priced REM devices. The main difference between them when it comes to the REM function is that that the REM MASTER has one set level of sensitivity (range) instead of several. The REM Portal though has a different type of antenna - that makes it cover a wide area and even react for field changes above it. 

The REM MASTER is extremely portable due to its small size and light weight. It fits in your pocket and in the palm of your hand. This makes it easy to bring along in your pocket or sling bag / purse. 

Very Important! Be sure the 9V battery is inserted the correct way with + and – in the right position. If not, when you turn on the instrument, it will immediately ruin the electronic circuitry and make the instrument defective.

There are not supposed to be any screws for the battery lid. The battery compartment comes with a hole for a screw. However, screws are not needed at all. 


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