Para4ce REM ONE

Para4ce REM ONE

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The REM ONE reacts to changes in the surrounding energy field. It has one light and one pitch sound that is triggered to alert a change in the energy field. It is most sensitive around the antenna, but it will also react for changes around the body of the meter. The sensitivity range is approximately 6 inches from the antenna. It detects faster moving targets with greater sensitivity. Slower moving targets need to be closer to the antenna. The REM ONE is proudly Made in the USA! 

How to Use

Insert a brand new, name brand, alkaline 9V battery (not included). Simply switch to turn it on or off. It best to use the REM ONE in a stationary position. It could be used by carrying it in your hand, however, be careful so that false positives will not be confused by actual readings. The antenna can be angled to individual preference. Place at least 12 inches (30 cm) from other equipment to avoid interference. The sensitivity range is approximately 6 inches (15 cm) from the antenna.

This device is extremely sensitive, if overly sensitive to movement or vibration, lower the antenna to reduce sensitivity.


Size: L 4", W 2.1" H: 1"
Weight: 2.1 oz
Power: 9V Alkaline 

Note: There are not supposed to be any screws for the battery lid. The battery compartment comes with holes for screws. However, screws are not needed.


1 year manufacturer’s warranty for parts and workmanship. Please contact our Distributor: GhostHuntersEquipment by GhoSt Augustine at

Customer Reviews

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Stefanie Nelson
Simple, affordable and amazing!

I'm very impressed with the Rem One! Its effective, well built, easy to use, and affordable! The shipping is also fast & affordable. I will be buying more.

Brian Vincent
The Para4ce REM ONE is a reliable must have ...

When used correctly in the right places - that is nowhere that would give an obvious false reading - the REM ONE works very well!

I have two of them along with a KII Meter. The other night, I used one with the KII. I would have KII spikes up to the third and fourth light and then the REM ONE would also go off. When I was recording this activity in IR night mode, just seconds after both devices went off, my camera (which was fixed) was nudged by an unseen force. You can hear the tap noise on the camera and see it shift its position significantly. Having the REM POD, in conjunction with other devices like the KII, being activated moments before a bona fide poltergeist moment shows that these devices work really well to reveal the presence of spirit activity.

Based on my experiences, I highly recommend the Para4ce REM ONE. It maybe the most basic and affordable REM POD, but it still does an outstanding job no matter your budget!